The Damnedest Things

TERILTI (Osis Deep) – Iltine Minister of Affection, Kornáák har-Rin Ankór, who recently achieved notoriety with his placement of a personal bounty of 100,000 exvals upon the Directorate of Moon’s Eye Studios, ICC and other named “slanderers, wreckers, and defilers of the Blessed Union of the Chosen People of Ilth”, was reported killed today in a freak accident when his aircar was struck by a meteorite. Traveling along an unusually low trajectory, the meteorite penetrated the windshield of the Minister’s vehicle and stuck him in the head, killing and decapitating him instantly.

Union officials have closed their investigation and announced that they do not intend to treat the death as suspicious, and condemned reports to the contrary as “contumacious speculation not germane to good faith in the People’s security”.

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