…And Other Clichés

“…and the vacuum is hard out today.”

A joke so old it’s evolved sophoncy independently from the primordial slime, but interface vehicle pilots evidently have to say something about ambient conditions at the highport. It seems that talking about the weather comes pre-hardwired into every sophont species’ cognome – whether or not there is any.

– A Star Traveler’s Dictionary

3 thoughts on “…And Other Clichés

  1. IDK, knowing the energy/mass spectrum of the particles outside the hull can be a useful piece of information to know. How much of it is stellar hydrogen, corrosive outgassed oxygen or chlorine, hard neutrons from some idiot’s unshielded fission powered drive reactor, etc. And there is a big difference between 1Pa, 0.1Pa, and 0.000001Pa, even though from the point of view of meat, it all feels the same.

  2. Piggybacking off of Mark Atwood’s comment a little: I’d imagine that you could still have plenty of “space weather” with things such as variations in solar wind, meteoroid and micrometeoroid clouds, flux tubes between planets and their moons, etc.

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