Cost of Breathing



RECIPIENTS Anlave-Kateris Household
  – Anlave Claves-ith-Estenv
  – Kateris Muetry-ith-Muiris
ADDRESS OF RECORD 1-00003-01496-0223
Liméri Station
14, Avenue of Focative Mirrors
PERIOD COVERED Tílenmot, 3502
Charge (Es.)
Base Habitat Fee eldrae x 2 74
Air Usage Increment barbecue x 3 1.6
Air Usage Decrement greenhouse, 960 sq. ft., active -0.70
Cogeneration 1,953 kWh net
(23,934 kWh use / 22,981 kWh gen)
Dependent Increment bandal x 1 3
Dependent Increment child, eldrae, x 1 6
Hive Processing Rebate 15,961 state-usage infoblocks
4,117 hab-usage infoblocks
Thermal Overage Decrement +5° -0.42
TOTAL   84.28

This assessment mailing is for informational purposes only.  Applicable habitat fees have been deducted from the designated Active Debit Account as selected, and no additional charges are due.

For further queries or requests please do not hesitate to contact me.

Given under my hand and seal this day, 31 Tílenmot 3502,

Galén Sallantar-ith-Sallantar, for and on behalf of,

Liméri Station HabCorp, ICC

3 thoughts on “Cost of Breathing

    • In this particular world, just like ours, there’re an awful lot of computers sitting around with a lot of idle time when they’re not being actually used – even more, when you count house brains, and such. But there, the infrastructure behind SETI@HOME, etc., is built right into the operating systems (the “Hive Processing Service”) and designed to let you sell your spare processing cycles to anyone who wants ’em (the “cycle spot market”) and to outsource any low-priority processing you have to whatever processors are being underused anywhere right now.

      Mostly, it just shows up in your bank accounts as a whole bunch of micropayments from assorted organizations that have bought chunks of your idle time from you. The government program, though, works a little differently; if you tick the little box to process a bunch of government infoblocks with your computers’ idle time (which could be anything from a thousand tax returns to a set of space-junk tracking to translating the latest State of the Empire into 87 languages), they refund the appropriate spot-price-equivalent amount off your externality-charges.

      (Es. 0.3 isn’t a lot of money – something just over $5 – but then, 19k infoblocks isn’t a lot, and the spot price must have been low that month. Still, they may well have made enough on the actual spot market to cover the rest of the bill – there’s a lot of companies that drop very large modeling jobs, protein-folding and the like, onto it on a regular basis.)

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