Right There In The Name

“…and in exchange, you can keep anything you loot.”

“You’re not too clear on the concept of ‘mercenaries’, are you?”

“We’re fighting to overthrow our oppressors!”

“So, it’s a good cause. My livers are quiverin’… You want goodwill rates? Fine. I’ve got my own bills to pay. Food, fuel, ammunition, transport, medical, battle-damage, and – oh, yeah – mercenaries. Who negotiate their pay rates with considerable vigor. So guarantee to make up six points over expenses minimum if the looting rights don’t work out at three-quarter valuation, pay our death-and-rebirth benefits too, and we’ll win your war for you.”

“You are a mercenary!”

“Proudly. And 24% up front in hard cash – not local currency – plus reflux bonds.”

“24- Your brag sheet said 12%!”

“That was before you tried to pay me in looting rights.”

“And the reflux bonds?”

“Do you want a company of underpaid, unemployed mercenaries hanging around your planet?”

– mor-Lissek Galek negotiates a contract