Trope-a-Day: Flaunting Your Fleets

Flaunting Your Fleets: Even more than routine commerce protection and anti-piracy operations, this is why the Imperial Navy bothers to run patrols from the Core out to Fleet Bases Coreward, Rimward, Spinward, Trailing, Acme, and Nadir – and, not coincidentally, why every other Great Power, with the exception of the Photonic Network, has their own set of similar patrol routes.  A little bit of showing the flag and making the presence felt provides discouragement altogether disproportionate to its size to all the crazy people/organizations/polities who might otherwise get ideas.

As a side note, this is also why the Empire invests money into making all its ships look that sleek and shiny and covered in lovely polished brightwork.  A little bit of “we are wealthy enough to afford to be able to do this, and moreover, we can do it without impairing combat performance” also goes a long way.

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