Trope-a-Day: God Emperor

God Emperor: Originally, the “Divine Majesty” in the style of the Imperial Couple was merely metaphorical; one step above the “Imperial Majesty” previously used by the lesser Emperorships of Cestia and Selenaria, and deemed appropriate by those who deal in the semiotics of such things for Alphas I and Seledië III by virtue of, well, being a verb.  Defining reality around them by their presence in it, which, saith theology, is the single most important characteristic of a deity – even if not manifested in the manner or pure intensity of the actual eikones.

Of course, in the modern era in which part of the coronation ceremony involves the Imperial brains becoming permanently vastened and hardwired to the Imperial Presence AI, both as a standalone instrumentality and as an archai of the Transcend, it’s a lot more literal than symbolic…

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