Trope-a-Day: Highly Conspicuous Uniform

Highly Conspicuous Uniform: Most notably, the Watch Constabulary’s fluorescent/illuminated bright-yellow trim on their black-and-shiny-white armor, but that’s because – in their multiple roles as law enforcement, paramedics, and disaster-response crew – they’re supposed to stand out because when you need one, you want to be able to spot him easily.

Not quite played straight by the actual Imperial Legions and other military forces, but in many parts of them outside special operations, recon, and such, there is quite a bit of Bling of War going on; given how very, very difficult it is to hide the thermodynamic and in many cases neutrino signature of modern battlefield equipment, especially when that includes combat exoskeletons, a lot of forces trade in the de minimis increase in stealth passive camouflage gets you in exchange for looking properly gorgeous on the battlefield.  The loss is rarely noticeable in the statistics.