Shoot First, Stab Later

As you have been told, it is not Legion policy to require you to carry swords in anything but dress uniform, nor is it Legion policy to use them in combat.”

As you will soon find out, many creative souls before you have decided to use them anyway as personal weapons, and have left many designs for accessories such as molecular edges, setting the blades on fire, or running 45,000 volts through them in the Legion mesh.”

As I am now telling you, if you decide to join those ranks, all well and good, if it works. But if your fancy bladework fails to efficiently kill the enemy and enhance the mission, you’ll get the chance to prove its worth against Lucy and me when we get back to base. She’ll enjoy that. You won’t. Am I making myself clear, legionaries?”

– Master Sergeant Serril Rysakar (and her very favorite sluggun),
mission briefing to a new crop of legionary-apprentices