One drawback…

…of the trope-a-day worldbuilding technique I use is the recurring nightmare I have that someone is collecting them all in one ridiculously large file they plan to dump on TV Tropes en masse.

Which isn’t really the point of the exercise and I’m sure would annoy them right mightily.

Not that I’d object to having a shiny Eldraeverse tropes page (do I even have any tropers among my readership?), of course. Just not… that way. Found tropes only, please.


2 thoughts on “One drawback…

  1. I am rather addicted to reading TVTropes, but I’ve not yet posted any content there.

    TVTropes is actually my preferred way to initially consume new media content. If a show or book still looks good after the “Fourier transform” of being filleted apart on TVT, it is more likely to be worth my time to consume in in plotwise order.

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