Trope-a-Day: Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair

Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair: As mentioned, the galaxy is an old place, positively littered with the ruins – and boasts – of civilizations dead and gone.

Curiously enough, this has not put an end to hubris in general, nor in specific stopped the Imperial Service routinely appending epithets like “great and glorious beyond all greatness and glory”, etc. ,etc., to the name of the Empire in their official mail any time they feel like rubbing someone’s nose in it a little.  After all, if anyone’s in a position to call them on it, they won’t be around to be called…

(Anyway, pride is a virtue, and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t pride, per se, that resulted in people running headlong into x-threats.)