Trope-a-Day: The Madness Place

The Madness Place: In both a chronic and an acute sense.

In a chronic sense – well, if you were to use a human psychological baseline, eldrae in general are surfing down a continuous wave of something very similar to, but not quite, unipolar hypomania.

(Of course, no-one notices this *there*, because by their psychological baseline, we’re just gloomy, stodgy, hyponeiric, and perpetually unenthusiasable.)

In the acute sense – well, you know, when it’s For Science!, or indeed for just about anything else worth obsessing over, this baseline synergises very effectively with valxíjir and estxíjir both to create stunning examples of driven obsession and the disturbing potency of passion and extreme competence marching in the same direction. Beware the hyperfocus fugue state, indeed.

(Also of course, this latter piece of advice comes from the same people who invented a voluntarily-switchable, personally-controlled version of Vingean Focus technology in order to make the Madness Place even more effective.)