Trope-a-Day: Mary Sue Topia

Mary Sue Topia: Well, of course. If you don’t want one of these (especially with regard to, say, No Poverty), what’s wrong with you? (And, for that matter and rather more smugly to say, if you don’t have one of these, you aren’t trying hard enough.)

Of course, the reason that it’s “a perfect society filled with perfect people” is that, well, it got that way by eliminating all the assholes. In the first place, they have neurosurgery for that these days, and considering that society is filled with incentives – like, say, the way that microtorts and the Ephemeral Contract rep-net will drive the cost of living of people who are dicks to service staff through the roof – not to be one, people go and have themselves fixed.

(And those who don’t want to do that generally find the local atmosphere intolerable enough to find their own way out.)