Trope-a-Day: Matriarchy

Matriarchy: There are several of these in the Associated Worlds in general (although, note, that polities ruled by the female sex in general don’t necessarily carry the implications that they do for Terrans.  Some species, for example, have only one sex being sophont, rendering them all patriarchies or matriarchies or neutrarchies, etc., as applicable).  Even some Imperial constituent nations are; Veranthyr, for example, has a ruling Queen and requires that all her cabinet positions are also filled by women, although the country as a whole is hardly a with-a-capital-M matriarchy in the archy-perjorative sense.

On the whole, they turn out to be no better or worse than most other governance forms, or at least, that’s not the aspect of the governance form to look at to predict how good or how awful it’s going to be.