Trope-a-Day: MIB

MIB: The five… ah, four, directorates of Imperial State Security would be horrified to ever be this unsubtle – as would, for that matter, the Librarians of Silence – and, frankly, even when secrets need to be kept, they know perfectly well that eldrae don’t intimidate worth a damn.  Using any standard MIB tactics short of actual memory redaction is probably the surest way to get whatever knowledge you were concerned to keep secret spread absolutely everywhere on general principles.

Got to be persuasive, and disappear stuff quietly.

3 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: MIB

  1. I kind of liked the basis of the MIB uniform from the MIB comic book, movies, and tv show: they DID use memory redaction, and the uniform was not there to intimidate people, but was instead part of the way that they socialized *themselves* into the necessities of their job.

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