Notes on the Schedule (At the Starport)

2+6:36 – CMS Istry’s Bargain
Procurer-class freighter; standard berthing; perishable-cargo priority.

2+14:48 – CMS Booze and Ores
Skoufer-class smeltership; bulk discharge berthing.

Please assign to bay 17-A; rock dust gets everywhere and 17-A is already overdue for cleaning.

– Elin Vidrine, Cargomaster

2+20:00 – CMS Fimry Dancer
Hariven-class free trader; standard berthing.

2+30:48 – CS Ashbourne
Drake-class frigate (routine patrol); requires bunkerage.

2-15:48 – VNS Equitable
Voniensa Republic Navy, Harrier-class destroyer; diplomatic transport; requires bunkerage and supplies.

Deny all shore leave requests except minimum required by draft treaty obligations; tensions are still running high.

– Coril Andracanth, Port Director.

2-6:36 – LS Sev Dal Taine
League of Meridian, Sens Maget-class freighter; standard berthing.

3+5:12 – DM Quaintly Quirky
D!grith Association, d!grianne-class free trader; standard berthing.

3+20:36 – Overwhelm
Rim Free Zone, unknown class, registered to mercenary free corps; standard berthing.

I’ll send one of the kaeth teams to meet them at dockside and say hello. Just friendly-like.

– Merian Vidumarvis, security shift supervisor

3-31:00 – CMS Lucrevault
Cheneos-class free trader; requests leave to sell speculative cargo at dockside.

Granted; assign lighter bay accordingly, please.

– Elin Vidrine, Cargomaster

3-10:36 – LS Sen Mal Murat
League of Meridian, Sens Maget-class freighter; standard berthing.

3-4:10 – CMS Ecdysiast
Pleasurable Company-class liner; passenger berthing.

Can we have them dock directly with the drunk tank?

– Merian Vidumarvis, security shift supervisor


– Coril Andracanth, Port Director

Four extra squads and half a point on the ppO2 it is, then.

– Merian Vidumarvis, security shift supervisor

4+3:48 – MSS Frozenfire
Múrast Symbiosis, Icicle-class symbiont; standard berthing; cold-ammonia atmosphere.

4+12:00 – DM Immodest Profit
D!grith Association, d!grianne-class free trader; standard berthing.

No-one’s manifest is this clean. No-one’s. They’re smugglers. Have an inspection team remind them that they don’t need to smuggle anything hereabouts, but we like to see a full manifest anyway.

– Jynel Herrian, Imperial Customs

4+30:36 – CSS Watchful Vagabond
Far Traveller-class explorer; standard berthing and AM bunkerage.

Plat indicates they came in from the Periphery; exercise extra care in lifeform scans and quarantine procedures.

– Jynel Herrian, Imperial Customs

4-22:12 – NTS Node Crash
Nsang Interactate, Host-class postal carrier; small ship berthing.

4-10:36 – CMS Demand Led
Cheneos-class free trader; standard berthing.

4-4:00 – IS Winter Harmony
Tranquil Repose-class cryo-colonization transport; bunkerage only.

5+0:00 – PNN 0110111011100111
Photonic Network, Doubleword-class polis; infomorph passenger berthing; extra bandwidth requested.

5+11:00 – VSS Star of Rasél
United Viridian States, Solar-class liner; passenger berthing.

5+22:36 – SG His Eye Watches
DISTRESS/SALVAGE; Theomachy of Galia, Attribute-class freighter; reports severe engine damage, under tow; standoff berthing.

Whatever their actual distress situation, I recommend finding some excuse in it for a full inspection. The Submission-class is a common slave-ship variant of the Attribute-class, and they certainly won’t admit to being one of those in our space. We’ve been handed a chance to catch those bastards at it!

– Jynel Herrian, Imperial Customs

Approved, but be discreet. I want a caught-slavers diplomatic incident, not any other kind. And don’t space anyone without checking with me first!

– Coril Andracanth, Port Director

5+31:36 – QRS Liraz’s Orchard
Quave Republic, Firstfruits-class subsidized trader; standard berthing.

5-30:00 – DM More Than Gold
D!grith Association, d!grianne-class free trader; standard berthing.

5-27:00 – CMS Pentagonal Deal
Gallen-class freighter; standard berthing.

Tell Captain Madel he still owes me lunch and a new docking arm. I don’t insist on the lunch.

– Coril Andracanth, Port Director

– from the scheduled arrivals board, Cairen High Port space traffic control