HFrom Andreth Prime Allatrian-ith-Ancalyx Vallasélen, to Doctor AAGCCCTAGAGATCCT, Starbridge City Central Medical Services, greetings.

Would it be possible to arrange a greater degree of sensory dampening?

I should state up front that I am not in any pain, and you need not concern yourself on that point.

I also do appreciate the difficulty of arranging for healing vat treatment while conscious, and am greatly appreciative that you and your colleagues at Starbridge City Central have set things up such that I can do so; being able to have this genetic service pack applied while still meeting existing deadlines has simplified my business and travel arrangements considerably.

But… well, it turns out that being aware when your organs and tissues are opened up, flower-like, and floating dissociatedly in a vat of nanofluid itches abominably.

And it’s not even as if I have anything to scratch with right now, anyway.

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