N“No. Reject the shipment.”

“Reject the – It’s just a bunch of toys!”

“Read me the exact description line.”

“Coríël Fabrications on license to Mirajdíä Studios, videogame replicas.”

“And the port of origin?”

“Jandine Orbital, Empire of the Star. So?”

“So they’re videogame replicas from the land of the mad scientists who take their authenticity way too seriously, that’s what. The moment whatever game it is shipped, a million fansophs started trying to build that stuff for real, and now it’s in those containers. The guns will really shoot, the robots will really… robot, and while the starships may not be full-size, they will probably really fly and zap things with tiny little plasma cannon. We let it through, it’s going to be Mothers Against Plushie Drone Carnage all over again, and nobody needs that, especially us. Reject it.”

– overheard at the local tech-customs office, Fennan (Kaylin Cache)

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