Trope-a-Day: No Such Thing As Space Jesus

No Such Thing As Space Jesus: Amazingly enough, the people who built their very own set of mechanical deities (see: Deus Est Machina) are remarkably skeptical about people who claim to be (and, of course, to have) supernatural gods.  Especially since they can only very rarely whip up a miracle that Sufficiently Advanced tech can’t reproduce perfectly well.

Not that that stops anyone from forming religions around those things, anyway.  After all, the most important qualifier for a deity is the ability to act in an appropriately Godlike manner.  Or so it would appear.

One thought on “Trope-a-Day: No Such Thing As Space Jesus

  1. Well I would actually agree with this statement. If we are talking Theistic Personalism. Classic Theism not so much. But that is too long an explanation. Well I will try and make is short. God would be that which is Metaphysically Ultimate and the cause of what exists here and now. The Unconditional Reality that causes our conditional reality. Ground of All Being etc..The Absolute… Not some isolanti singular entity using Femotech or Clarktech within reality.

    Also any activity performed using some type of Clarktech by definition would be a natural act not either a supernatural one or a miracle. A supernatural act is where God actualizes a potency in something directly according to the thing’s nature. Like setting a bush on fire spontaneously. A Miracle is where God actualize a potency in something contrary to its nature. Like causing fire to free water in our Oxygen atmosphere at room temperature.

    Sure maybe you can use some Femotech to play around with Matter or cause water molecules to slow down but that would be a natural mechanical manipulation of matter. Not a miracle.

    Just keeping it Moderately Real which is what any Aristotelian does for fun.

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