Trope-a-Day: Punctuation Shaker

Punctuation Shaker: Averted.  Those punctuation marks have meaning in the Constructed Language.  Specifically, the acute indicates a long vowel, and the umlaut-that-is-really-a-dieresis indicates that a vowel is to be pronounced separately from the previous one, rather than as a diphthong.  Any wandering apostrophes you may see exist because I’m using (or was using and haven’t yet fixed) a typographical system that won’t let me put an acute and an dieresis on the same letter.  (Yes, Unicode should technically let me do this, but not everything in my software stack will play ball. Don’t write letters.)  And pling is pronounced “tongue-click”.

2 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Punctuation Shaker

    • For the most part, yes, just accent.

      (Technically, any click will do – even a mandible-click or a thumb-click, for those without the appropriate mouthparts. Even before we start getting into the polyspecific variants, modern Eldraeic is intended to be phonemically generous, pretty much because not everyone keeps their speaking organs in the same place…)

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