Also, I Can…

“Leaving aside all the sophisticated techniques that are the domain of professional assassins, there are _two_ commonly discussed ways to kill someone with your brain – with, of course, the aid of its associated kinesis effectors:

“First, take hold of a blood vessel, preferably an important and large one, and then either pinch it shut or rip it open. Or grab an organ and crush it. It is not easy to do untrained, and is particularly difficult when the target is also a trained psychokinetic, but against most targets can be considered reliable and effective.

“Second, trace an ionization path through the air and permit cascading electrons to do the hard work for you.

“You will learn to perform both of these techniques during this course. First, however, we shall concentrate on an often-overlooked third technique: macrokinesis. In a typical target’s day to day existence, there are many moments at which a healthy shove, easy to deliver with little warning, can send the target into traffic, over a precipice, or flailing helplessly into space. It lacks, perhaps, sophistication – but simplicity sometimes has a sophistication of its own.”

– Psychokinetic Ktenology,
Faculty of Shade,
Imperial University of Calmiríë

2 thoughts on “Also, I Can…

    • Technically, it’s an implant: a bunch of cell-sized nanocytes scattered throughout the nervous system that behave, when activated, as a phased-array kinesis effector.

      In practice, though, it’s a heritable implant, and it’s one that’s been part of the species for millennia/since prehistory, so for all intents and purposes it might as well be natural, even though it’s a artificial nanosymbiote.

      (It also, it seems, transplants well to other species: with all the expected consequences once people figured that out.)

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