Darkness Within (6): Memories

MET 185-18-6

In the ongoing list of people to whom I owe profound thanks –

Everyone back at BuShips and the people who write the ISDPs, such that the pipes are color- and texture-coded, the fittings are standardized and snap-together, and all the other features that make it possible for an ensign in a fragmented hulk to patch enough of it together to stay breathing. 

All of which is to say – pump is installed. And I shall complain no more about the size of the crawlways. 

MET 185-20-14

I’ve crawled down to the server room, or what’s left of it. To be precise, what’s left of it are the for’ard two racks and a pile of debris. Coolant pressure tank for the quai must’ve exploded. So much for the safety systems. 

Maybe I’ll mention that to BuShips. 

First task – get the substrate out. 

MET 185-20+7

First subtask – find a bloody hullcutter. 

MET 185-21-15

Okay. Opened up the subfloor rack and got the substrate out. Which should make the rest of the crew happy. Continuity dates on these backups are all up-to-date, give or take a watch or two. 

Assuming I make it out of here, that is. 

MET 185-21+4

If these diagnostics are right, I might be able to get a single rack working with parts from the other. I need to get a navigational fix worked – well, some dead reckoning, with the navigational sensors aft of the fracture and the inertial platform so much scrap. 

That can be next watch’ problem. 

MET 185-21+19

Mm, the delicious yeasty taste of rat. 

Headache’s still there. 

2 thoughts on “Darkness Within (6): Memories

  1. I meant to ask this after you posted chapter 4: wouldn’t it make more sense for collapsible airlocks of the type Isif constructs to be standard emergency equipment, so survivors of hull breaches don’t have to make them themselves out of rescue balls that they might need later?

    • Ordinarily, they would be available – not as even as emergency equipment, but just as standard on-board docking aids.

      Unfortunately, they happened to all be in the rather larger after section of the ship that’s drifting an impractical distance away…

      (All of which is to say: whatever you provide for, sometimes you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. And just to make sure I don’t cheat, I actually made a moderately comprehensive list of exactly what Isif has got…)

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