Old Friends

Memeweave: News/Stargate Project/Recontact/Broadcast (Read Only)
Source: CS Prince of Octania
Classification: WHITE (General Access)
Encryption: None
Distribution: Everywhere (News/Live)
As received at: Relay Station (Eliéra-Seléne L3)
Language: Eldraeic I
Time of transcript: 3953:10:04:9-01:30.2 (Imperial Standard Time); time set by relay
Light lag (at source): 0.432 p
Light lag (overall): 9.776 kp

WARNING: Source link is down, attempting to reestablish…
WARNING: Source link is down, attempting to reestablish…
WARNING: Source link is down, attempting to reestablish…

INFORMATIONAL: Link restored.

WARNING: New source routing address is within an unallocated/experimental range (system override).
WARNING: Experimental flag is set on routing protocol.
WARNING: Link fleetrelay-a/bigocty/tangle0 is not available; using fallback route.

— bridge transcript continues —

[1] …navigation systems restored. Starlocks are maintained, nominal errors. Sunlock is Finíällë.

[2] Drift?

[3] Commander? Communications are restored. Tangle is scrambled as expected, but we have a gate relay carrier. Auto-reestablish is running.

[2] Very well.

[1] This is ballpark, but estimate drift close to 60 kay spatial.

[2] And temporal?

[1] Frame lock was tight. No greater drift, certainly.

[2] Good. Get me a course for –

[4] Conn, Sensor Ops. Status change. We show three hot spots at twelve hundred kay, not under thrust, looks like they’re keeping gate-relative position. Designating them Target Vekar.

[2] Belay that course. Sensor Ops, give me –

[4] Conn, Sensor Ops, further status change. Target Vekar just lit off its drives. Acceleration’s still changing, but it’s compatible for going for a zero-zero with us if we hold position.

[2] Very well, Sensor Ops. Give them a lidar ping. Don’t go for a hull map, just let them know we’re here.

Put us on a heading to zero-zero with them at best time, as their course settles. Execute at two-thirds cruising.

[1] Course laid in.

[5] Executing at two-thirds cruising, aye.


[5] Two-thirds cruising established.

[6] Growler!

[2] Confirm target status.

[6] No status change on target. Steady illumination.

[2] That might not be a targeting laser. Comms, do a modulation check.

[3] Checking… yeah, I’m seeing pulses. It’s not in the standard bands, so the software missed it. Rerunning now.

Nothing on standard set, nothing on contact set. Ah, wait one. Checking the archives.

And we have a communication request. Old protocol. Watchvid abbrev stack, commercial-comm version, fourth revision, standard dated three-oh-one-eight.

[2] You’re surprised, Mr. Serquel? That’s got to be the latest version we have in common. Integrate, and put it up on two.

WARNING: Memeweave contains rebroadcast content received via obsolete IIP version (29 revisions in deficit) (system override).
WARNING: Memeweave contains rebroadcast content using obsolete trivid protocol flagged for discard (system override).
WARNING: Memeweave contains rebroadcast content with unverifiable embedded authentication keys.

[2] This is Flight Commander Miruna Dalael, Imperial Navy, aboard CS Prince of Octania. I believe you were expecting us? Over.

[3] Transmission lag 8.9 pulses.

[C] This is Flight Commander Adévis Amarens, Víëlle Star –

Correction. This is Flight Commander Adévis Amarens, Imperial Navy, aboard CVS Backup’s Pride. Welcome to Víëlle System. If you’ll take a course from us, there’s a party waiting for you when we reach Víëlle orbit. Over.

[2] Glad to, Flight Commander, and we’ll bring the beer. Dalael, clear.

Secure from alert stations. Stand down to condition three.  And have my gig made ready for transit at intercept.