Aurarch Larquen Archés-ith-Aic, of Éävalle


Princess-Regnant Iridal Ejava, of Cúrallémar


to the


Éävalle-Cúrallémar Border War

* * *

Come with us as once again epic battle is joined on the Plains of Cúrallé,
and the forces of Éävalle and Cúrallémar clash once more at Opaline Valley.

Thrill to the sight of military technology ancient and modern!

Bear witness to the glory and the terror of battle in every age!

In special celebration of the 7,200th anniversary of the first daehain battle waged upon this ground, the Imperial Legions have contributed units to the spectacle: detachments from the 26th Legion, the Doom Heralds, will be fighting alongside the forces of Éävalle, while detachments from the 33rd Legion, the Fists of Lightning, will join those of Cúrallémar.

Will Cúrallémar retake the Valley from its southern neighbor? Or will Éävalle retain it for another twelve years?

Join us. Súnarast 16-24. The battle begins at dawn.

* * *

“An unforgettable military spectacle.”

– the Ameri Occurences

“A fun week for all the family. Well worth your time.”

– the Marúsmar Chronicle

* * *

(The Éävalle-Cúrallémar Friends of War respectfully remind you that
audience participation is prohibited under the terms of applicable
bonding insurance. Your cooperation is appreciated.)