Recommendation: The Para-Imperium

A new writing blog for a shiny new posthuman SF universe appeared yesterday in my website logs, from a long-time reader here, and I just had to tell y’all to go check it out. The site’s brand new, but there’s already some juicy content there, and if you ask me, it’ll be well worth following in the future.

Why are you still here?


8 thoughts on “Recommendation: The Para-Imperium

  1. Thanks Alastair.

    Readers, if you’re into the same types of “hard” sci-fi technology that you see here (I swear I didn’t steal it from him) and, well, anthropormorphic animals, go and check it out.

  2. Funny you should mention this — I found it through TV Tropes a few days ago myself, and I’ve been meaning to take a more in-depth look when I have the time.

    Perhaps I should try to plug my own little project as well one of these days, once I have a little more written for it…

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