Trope-a-Day: Colony Ship

Colony Ship: More than a few. The most iconic, of course, are the Deep Star colony ships the eldrae used to establish the first Thirteen Colonies subluminally, and indeed the galari equivalents that let them colonize Tessil and Qeraq in a similar manner, but the concept still goes on; even in these days of Casual Interstellar Travel, specialized colony ships still exist, for the purpose of getting everything you need at First Landing there simultaneously and conveniently.

(Also, of course, their smaller cousins, the homesteading ships, which are similar albeit much smaller – intended for households, families, and other small groups looking to homestead an asteroid, join an existing colony, or set up shop on a freesoil world.)

One thought on “Trope-a-Day: Colony Ship

  1. My parahumans used “seed ships” with skeleton crews to escape Sol system. Of course, that meant they had to build a civilization practically from scratch, again, after Sol fell to the “Cosmic Filter”. Probably helped that their first generations came out of bioprinters anyways.

    Though, once Alpha Centauri developed immortagens and nanostasis they switched to combination sleeper/”generation” ships, usually a chartered merchant ship but colony groups occasionally build their own specialized craft.

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