Syntric Station, Free-Floating Lab Module 11-5 is simultaneously one of the greatest successes and greatest failures of the independent research programs here at Resplendent Exponential Vector.

The advertised purpose of the research going on in FFLM 11-5 was an attempt to create invincible shielding. In this, the researchers both succeeded and failed beyond their wildest dreams.

We believe that they were using an experimental technology based on UNMOVED MONAD in the construction of a device capable of forcing the future probability of their existence to unity, and therefore requiring chronological consistency protection to guarantee that the present probability of their destruction, correspondingly, be zero. Whether the device was accidentally triggered, a defect believed corrected that in fact was not, or the design flaw simply overlooked, it would appear that this use of consistency protection also forces the present probability of any change in quantum states to be zero; which is to say, instead of a lab module we now have a perfectly reflective sphere with mass equal to that of the lab module and its contents. Rather than an invincible shield, it would appear that the research team have successfully devised the stasis field.

Of course, this is all speculation. Due to the nature of the accident in question, we are unable to close and examine it, or, more usefully, to turn the damn thing off. Further investigation will have to wait for the natural collapse of the phenomenon, whether that is based in the passage of the future moment with which the (hypothetical) UNMOVED MONAD unit is entangled across time, or or inasmuch as finite energy should only support a finite period of stasis, assuming the conservation laws continue to hold. Neither, of course, is a proven or testable hypothesis at this time.

– Resplendent Exponential Vector Project Reports, 7930