A Place Where Renegades Come From

See this?

Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg. Your plan to put an end to disease is a sickeningly bad idea

Well, one place where Renegades come from is when, having read too much of this kind of disgusting ephemeralist agitprop, and noting that advocating for prohibitions or even prohibitionary attitudes on life extension and its related family of technologies amounts to conspiring to murder everyone, forever, they conclude that while it’s not the common interpretation, it’s not really stretching the Right of Common Defense all that far if they go forth into the greater galaxy and cleanse it preemptively of would-be mass-murdering fuckheads, belike.

(While passing sardonic comments about the stubbornness of ephemeralist death-worshippers when it comes to running away from the unbeing they deify.)


2 thoughts on “A Place Where Renegades Come From

  1. The telegraph have form for regurgitating this sort of nonsense. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11320381/Cancer-is-the-best-way-to-die-and-we-should-stop-trying-to-cure-it-says-doctor.html

    Partially this is a problem of ignorant privilege (which is the telegraph’s core demographic after all) but I suspect the major issue is that they just have a terrible metric for “best”. Cancer and heart failure be damned; I’ll be taking up wingsuit base jumping in my old age.

  2. Sometimes I have faith in mankind. Then I remember that there are people thinking that since death iis a good thing – because it’s “natural”. Then I am sad.

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