Ten Light-Second Pole

From: Capt. Eladin Cineätreos, CS Fustuary Castigation
To: Adm. Hars mor-Lanak, CINCTRAIL
Subject: Intervention on Sorn (Olost Belt)

Per received advisory and request, we proceeded to Sorn (Olost Belt) to investigate pre discretionary Imperial intervention to preserve peace and order on Sorn Actual, under authority of the appropriate Intervention Act.

Upon investigation of local conditions (details attached), Col. Ranik mor-Telantog declined, for his part, to authorize intervention on the grounds that, I quote, “I cannot find anyone on the ground whose head I don’t want to put on a spike, and that is not a disposition a Colonel of Legionaries should be deploying with.”

Upon review, I concur with his decision in its entirety.

In consequence, and in view of the authorizing Act considering a repeat of the Gervés solution undesirable, Fustuary Castigation intends to remain in orbit for 72 hours while assurance of the safety of any Imperial citizen-shareholders and/or associated property in the vicinity is assured, and will then depart for Fleet Base Trailing, per standing orders.

– ec/FC