“Everyone” is a Dangerous Word

Be informed that the firm of Kanzian, Servessil, and Vagaster is currently seeking applicants for inclusion in the proposed coadunate action elen daryteir v. Tobry Horanuk. Horanuk, a citizen of the Shirethi Guilds currently domiciled in Mer Dinévál, Seranth, in an interview broadcast on the Living Seranth channel’s Hammer and Anvil, attempted to defend the current suit for breach of marital contract in which he is engaged by alleging, of acts of infidelity, that “Everyone does it. I’m no worse than anyone else.”

It is the opinion of Kanzian, Servessil, and Vagaster that this statement is defamatory of daryteir in general, under the precedent of elen daryteir v. Caryad Aid, and should the threshold for commencement be reached, we intend to pursue appropriate remedies including public disavowal of the statement, full compensation for reputational damage, and appropriate punitive fines for willful propagation of falsehood.

The threshold for commencement in this coadunate action is set at one million sophonts. Those who consider themselves defamed or defrauded by Horanuk’s remarks are invited to contact Advocate Imril Septimus Vagaster at Kanzian, Servessil, and Vagaster’s Seranthine office to register their participation in the action.

– posted to the public litigation memeweave, Seranth (Imperial Core)


4 thoughts on ““Everyone” is a Dangerous Word

    • I think of it as parallel to the criminal charge of falsification of information, based on the idea that fraud doesn’t get any better when you commit it against a large undefined set of people rather than a small defined one. Interpreting defamation this way just boils down to “defamation doesn’t, either”.

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