Always Sanguine, Only Sometimes Bloody

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

– Decurion mor-Durbaz Ivinek,
speech before the battle of Sagia Luz

“If it doesn’t bleed… turns out we can kill that, too.”

– Battlemaster mor-Durbaz Ivinek,
interview following the final suppression of the Silversteel Horde

3 thoughts on “Always Sanguine, Only Sometimes Bloody

  1. Somehow I’m picturing an Imperial mercenary force kicking nine kinds of crap out of some Necrons (from Warhammer 40k) – doubly so when connected to your earlier piece about war robots reassembling themselves on the fly. Which is kinda supposed to be the Necrons’ hat. (On the tabletop they’re maddeningly good at it!)

  2. Sounds like the ‘Shake and Bake’ option is in order. Kinetics and HE to disrupt the shielding and armour, plasma to overload the reconstruction nano.

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