Trope-a-Day: Immortality Inducer

Immortality Inducer: It doesn’t look like much, an immortagen.

Most of the time, it looks like a pint of grayish fluid in a bag, a little saline, with a faint rainbow sheen. Intravenous tubing included. Responsible medical supervision not included.

But inject it into your veins – ah, then the magic happens. It splices, it lyses. It unwraps storage plasmids and writes then into your chromosomes, injects nanocytes into your cells, builds nanogenic artificial lymph glands to keep your system stocked with roaming nanocytes, and even tidies up your gross morphology a bit, especially if you were already old. (While you develop a high fever and a really nasty set of aches and pains for a week or two – the more so the more gross work it has to do. Don’t even ask what your excreta look like.)

And then you live forever.


2 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Immortality Inducer

  1. My take on it involves macro-surgically replacing your spleen with a specialized nanofab that produces cell-repairing/rearranging micro-bots, and periodic telomerase treatments.

    Or, if you only want them for a few trans-stellar voyages or for a one-off procedure you can have microbots injected and removed by dialysis every few months.

  2. When I skimmed the title in G+, I thought your title was “Immortality Ulcer”. Imagine being stuck with an ulcer for all of eternity.

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