Book #3!

It’s coming!

(I was initially planning to wait until I had a novel-length piece to publish, but a lot of nanofic has passed under the bridge since then, so a third collection it is. At least once the editing work is done – so you can consider this a pre-announcement, which should give anyone who isn’t a current patron but would like to take advantage of the free e-book-for-patrons offer time to subscribe appropriately.)

No title as yet: that will come out in the editing. Cover art, on the other hand, that is on its way, so there’s absolutely that to look forward to!


7 thoughts on “Book #3!

  1. Finished the first in a matter of days and am well into the second, enjoying every page of both, so this is very welcome news!

  2. May I respectfully request that you finish “Darkness Within” and include it in the new collection?

    /me would wait longer and pay more for this!

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