Necessity Drives Invention

Belríä Naratyr: A minor fashion designer of the Seléne school (fl. 2300), best known for the creation of algorithms for the swarm-intelligence kinetic microbots used for clothing management in microgravity to adapt them, instead, to ensure that one’s cloak would swirl in an appropriately dramatic, personalized, and environmentally-tailored manner for entrances, exits, turning on one’s heel, posing against the skyline, and so forth, regardless of whatever the local air currents might be doing at the time.

– Who Invented What: A History of Creativity

2 thoughts on “Necessity Drives Invention

  1. Makes you wonder what you have to come up with to be a major fashion designer.

    I do think this is the “killer app” for microbots though. The added communication channel to body language that such a cape would give is worth buying the microbots.

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