Going To Space Today

Many congratulations go out from us here at The Eldraeverse to SpaceX on yesterday’s successful and awesome launch of the Falcon Heavy:

(A few raised fingers go out, too, to all the Obstructive Naysayers on Twitter – although fortunately for everyone, at least they were in the distinct minority.)


2 thoughts on “Going To Space Today

  1. Well, it wasn’t a complete success, since the core booster ended up crashing, but it was still impressive. And hey, at least this was a test flight, I’m sure they’ll get a lot of data on what went wrong so they can keep it from happening again.

    Pity they didn’t put “To Infinity and Beyond” on the dashboard instead.

    • As they say, two out of three ain’t bad. Or in this case, three out of four, and the most important part to potential clients worked like a bleedin’ charm!

      If this is failure, then I’d be happy to see them fail like that more often.
      Ad astra per aspera, ne?

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