Snippet: The Riot Act

“Having adjudged those persons here present to constitute a riotous assembly within the meaning of the Act thereupon, and by that Mandate which I hold and which I serve, I charge and command ye all, in the Voice of Their Divine Majesties, immediately to lay down arms and submit yourselves in peace to the Constabulary, that fair judgement may be laid upon ye, or else by your actions renounce any rights and claims in citizen-shareholdership and declare yourselves subject to such pains and penalties as the law does prescribe for the common enemies of sophontkind.


5 thoughts on “Snippet: The Riot Act

  1. So –

    “Surrender, or be declared outlaws!”

    Given what I understand to be The Empire’s commitment to diversity and freedom (verging on what we silly mudball monkeys would call ‘anarchy’), it must be pretty stinkin’ Seriously Bad Deeds….

    • It’s effectively the opposite end of both law-and-order scales from us.

      We have many laws, most trivial, and enforce them poorly and lightly.

      They have very few laws, all important, and enforce them with rigor and vigor.

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