Things to See, Places (Not) to Go (10)

The Burning Brickyard: Located in the middle of the Bright Desert, in possibly the most inhospitable terrain Eliéra has to offer, this 108-acre site is the primary nuclear waste storage site on the eldrae homeworld, with millennia of high-level waste stacked in pyramids of vitrified glass bricks glowing gently, interspersed with occasional stacks of long-set bricks of decontamination foam from ancient clean-ups.

Of course, you can’t see any of that from the perimeter fence; unless you have business there, you can see the small administration building, and the even smaller visitor center, and that’s about it. Do not cross the perimeter fence to try to get a better look at the waste however impressive sight you might think the sight to be; the signs hung on the fence reading “IF YOU CROSS THIS LINE YOU WILL DIE” are intended literally, and if you ask at the visitor center, they can show you the small pile of bricks containing the remains of the last few fools who thought that they weren’t. On the monitor feed, of course; they won’t be safe to visit in person any time soon.

Just buy a postcard at the gift shop, and move on.

Better yet, write and ask them to send you one.


3 thoughts on “Things to See, Places (Not) to Go (10)

  1. Seems slightly odd to just leave it all there… I can’t remember the timeline off the top of my head, but the eldrae have presumably been able to make working fusion reactors for some time, and given a suitably energetic source of neutrons such as a D-T fusion plant (or at a pinch, D-D) it would presumably have been possible to reduce all the really nasty stuff to much less nasty stuff that might have all cooled down (or at least, become cool enough to not worry about) by the present-day of most of your narratives.

    It would violate the rule of cool, of course.

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