Year Terminated: Core Dumped

(Which is to say, a bunch of miscellaneous snippety stuff that didn’t find a home anywhere else.)

“Just once, it would be nice to meet someone who used their wine cellar for storing wine .”

Agent-Expediter Fors Raikav, Second Directorate

“Further information on the Spirinal Anomaly is classified REDSHIFT ABYSS YAK. If you do not have REDSHIFT ABYSS YAK clearance, stop reading now.”

“In theory, you can carefully program high-grade nanophages to respect in vivo thermal emissions limits, respect the surface markers of legitimate nanoproducts they might encounter, and use them as a vaccination against possible infection. In actual practice, you shoot people with them from a safe distance, then shout ‘sorry’ if or when their blood begins to boil out of their ears. Remember, you’re likely to discover a need for these when there’s a friggin’ bloom in progress. They probably have a backup anyway, and saving their life comes in third, behind removing them as a transmission vector and not becomin’ part of the problem.”

Return to Hunger, Return to Labor

A minority political movement originating in the League of Meridian and spreading elsewhere among the wealthier regions of the Worlds, advocating the creation of artificial scarcities of goods and artificial demand for labor in order to preserve society from decadence and idleness. It has proven difficult to create memetic countermeasures against, due to the sheer blithering wrongheadedness of the ideas from which it arose.

Ice Age: The period in ciseflish prehistory lasting around 2.5 million years, ending circa 1,000, during which raw water ice (considered a mineral on Ólish) was widely used to make implements with an edge, a point, or a percussive surface. Following this period, ciseflish technological ascension began with the development of more advanced iceworking and iceturgical techniques, ushering in the Clathrate Age.

3 thoughts on “Year Terminated: Core Dumped

  1. “Return to Hunger, Return to Labor”

    Depends on if your people are genetically engineered up the wazoo to thrive in a post-scarcity world or not. IRL humans probably aren’t – see the “mouse utopia” experiments – but I rather imagine the Eldrae etc have a workaround.

  2. “We meet the strangest people on this job. There was the guy that pickled all of his enemies heads in certain liquors with a life support system to keep their brains alive while stuck in there.”
    “So, what about the ones that were put in the jars of (insert local equivalent of Past Blu Ribbon, but worse) beer?”
    “Those were the ones that really pissed him off.”

  3. iceturgical

    Not one of your finer neologisms. Not that I have any better suggestions, mind you. Cryourgy isn’t quite right, and pagourgy may or may not be correct but it isn’t exactly intuitive…

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