It’s Always September In Space

Memeweave: Extranet Meta/Extranet Service Notifications/Open Access
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Encryption: None
Distribution: Everywhere (Bulk)
As received at: SystemArchiveHub-00 at Víëlle (Imperial Core)
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Key window phrases: extranet expansion, Sullen Wildlands, clueless bloody outies, spam
Time of transcript: 5493:05:11:8+13:12.1 (Empire Time), drift +/- 0.00001%
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[Tolish hir Lakan] REDIRECT from Extranet Meta/Extranet Service Notifications/Announcements:

Per extranet expansion plans previously announced through the Accord on Mail and Communications, the Sullen Wildlands local data systems, extending to 47 star systems and associated bodies, will be connected to the extranet as of 5944:05:12:9+36:00.0 (Empire Time), drift +/- 0.01%.  Please see attached documentation for subnetwork, routing and compatible protocol information.

Welcome messages should be directed to the memeweave Extranet Meta/Extranet Service/Constellations/Sullen Wildlands (AI-moderated), which is now in existence.  Transmission fees for bulk-class transmissions to this memeweave are waived for the next 144 kilopulses as a courtesy to our new extranet users.

[Tolish hir Lakan]

Look out, extranet, it’s 47 new worlds full of clueless bloody outies come to crash the party.  Shitstorm incoming, and not the good kind.

[Olavé Harran-ith-Harradeln -> Tolish hir Lakan]

Harsh much?


Do you even remember what the spam was like last time we got a dozen new worlds on the extranet?  And now we get 47 of them.  Grepslag, we should nullroute the whole subnet for the next half-year.

[Sar Deen Liat]

Yeah, but one of those worlds caught a perversion two days later and got a whole continent eaten, so I heard.  At least the spam won’t kill us.

[Olavé Harran-ith-Harradeln -> hant-hant-nak]

If you folks didn’t ban any AI smarter than a thermostat, you wouldn’t have a spam problem, now would you?

[hant-hant-nak -> Olavé Harran-ith-Harradeln]

translator caution: the following posting contains linguistic best-fits.

Go *sodomize* a *slime mold* with your parent’s *undetermined organ*, steelfucker.

[Emín 0x5B2DCC8A (tertiary instance) -> hant-hant-nak]

Emulate this, squishie.

console warning: included image violates configured memetic toxicity rules, display anyway(+/-)?

[Inli Korish-hal of Four]

Who’s out there, anyway?  Never heard of the Sullen Wildlands.


translator caution: the following posting contains linguistic best-fits.

Cults, survivalists, and hicksworld newbies barely smart enough to figure out which end of a rocket you light.  The usual for *slime-fucking* outies.

[Olavé Harran-ith-Harradeln -> hant-hant-nak]

Does your whole species use its excretions to communicate, or is it just you?

filter advisory: hant-hant-nak culled from stream (below current rep-net threshold).

[Emín 0x5B2DCC8A (tertiary instance)]

Survey says… two new civs, both single-planet, four cosmop colonies, and a freesoil world.  So, only two worlds of clueless bloody outies.  So to speak.

[Tolish hir Lakan]

Two is enough, if they’re both high-population worlds.  Which they are.

[Ja!rish d-Velnel]

Doesn’t anyone like meeting new people?

[Olavé Harran-ith-Harradeln -> Ja!rish d-Velnel]

Yeah, but all those sophs’re over in the welcome memeweave right now…