The Order of Defenders

A reader pointed out on this Discord that this

(go read it there)

has a vaguely eldraeic flavor.

Which it does. Not something a direct analog to which would exist *there* , mind you, inasmuch as defending yourself and civilization is something written right into the Imperial Charter, Section III, Article V: “Responsibilities of the Citizen-Shareholder”1. But the underlying sentiment, that certainly does.

(And the technarchs have their equivalent of the Ritual of the Iron Ring, too, as do many others. One of these days, I should trot out, for example, the plutarch version.

No-one has forgotten or denigrated the memetic power of ceremony in this ‘verse. What else, indeed, is the Logarchy of Protocol, Ritual, and Symbology for, or the entire profession of symposiarchs?)

And if you were wondering if the lay orders of Barrascán have appropriate ceremonial along these lines, well yes, they do.

  1. Well, that, and you aren’t going to find anyone prepared to tolerate being described as “the weak”.

4 thoughts on “The Order of Defenders

  1. The weak? Or those, because of fate and circumstance and a non-deterministic universe, need someone to serve as shield and sword until they can gain and build the strength to stand on their own two(1) feet?

    The strong guard the weak, to serve as examples, so the weak can become strong. So that they can help others to become strong.

    (1)-Replace for all unipedal, quadrupedal, hexepedal, octapedal, etc, etc, beings suitable limb numbers.

    • And the strong cannot always be strong, either. Times and situations of vulnerability are inevitable and unavoidable with anything resembling a functional society.

      Having those sworn to stop anyone who would take advantage of this fact is simply prudent.

      • Well, let’s see. I might dispute this in maybe three ways:

        1. I first note that vulnerability as a good/necessary/inevitable thing is a very late-twentieth-century notion even in human society, and one which is not going to work too well with the local psychological differences in many ways.
        2. By advocating the above, you’d be trying to argue a society whose highest value is God-Like Self-Perfection around to the notion that it’s okay not to strive to be. This probably isn’t going to work out well.

        3. And most importantly, there’s a very practical reason why the local cult of Mental Strength and Perfect Self-Control exists, and that’s because when it doesn’t, people get dead. You don’t get to be vulnerable when you not only can kill people with your brain, but will if you aren’t in charge of yourself.

        Instead, you get to shape your will into not merely a razor-sharp edge, but also an insurmountable skullfort.

        • I more meant literal, physical vulnerability.

          As a example, you can’t get a haircut without letting someone wield sharp instruments near your head. Or you can’t purchase incarnation insurance without giving someone the potential to muck about with your (new) body and brain.

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