Implying The Existence of a Thesis Attack

“So how did you get that scar, anyway? You never told me.”

“I told you I undertook advanced studies at the Inperial War College. I acquired it during my thesis defense.”

“How do you get that at a viva voce?”

“Professor-Brigadier Oríänoclés didn’t believe in half-assing hypotheses. His contribution was a short battalion of Longeye laser tanks.”

Notable Replies

  1. I would kinda like to know what type of thesis would need to be challenged by a short battalion of graser tanks…

  2. At the Imperial War College, theoretical military science only goes so far. If you have a hypothesis on defense, they’re gonna make you defend that hypothesis. Literally.

  3. Touche.

    Sounds like he was working a thesis on fairly large-scale operations, then, if part of the challengers was a short battalion of tanks…

    Brigade scale or so! (pardon me for not using the Legionary terminology here)

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