Patreon Saints

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Alas, as a poor artist feverishly scritching typing away with my quill tablet in the traditional garret, I must ask – from time to time – my readers for money in order to continue writing. Or at least to continue writing reliably, and keep my dogs in the style to which they have become accustomed.

Among these generous people are those who pledge $5 or more per month, and ask for no other reward in exchange.

These are our Patreon Saints:

Jade Nekotenshi
Joel Kreissman
Author of The Para-Imperium.
Mark Atwood
“The [Star Trek] Federation is the combination of Western libertinism, puritanism, & missionary zeal, Russian economics, Soviet organization, Arabian hospitality, and Chinese civil government; with just barely enough magical tech to keep median living standards marginally above early 21C American upper class norms, instead of the trancendent wealth and opportunity that they *should* have.”

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