Of Kerbals and Prokrastination

Sorry, no fiction today.

This is because of the release of KSP 1.1 preview, and consequently my spending the entire day testing out its new many-parts and many-mod 64-bit support by resurrecting working versions of my BehemothMegalodon, and Surprise Eclipse! 10m-parts-as-liquid-fuel-boosters-for-an-Orion heavy-lifters.

I’d apologize, but honestly, I regret nothing and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you otherwise.



My apologies, fic-a-day followers, but due to a bad case of mental fatigue involving many, many missing hours of sleep, today’s fic-a-day will be delayed until tomorrow.  (And, no, tomorrow’s won’t be delayed; you’ll just get two then.)

Sorry ’bout that, but I’m guessing you’d rather have “late” than “crap”, right?