Trope-a-Day: Mental World

Mental World: Not really extant, but virtually simulated, “mental worlds” are sometimes used by noeticists and sophotechnicians as fancy ways to diagram, observe, and interact with the myriad agents that make up a mind of any serious level of complexity. (Something like the Country of the Mind from Greg Bear’s Queen of Angels, et. al., if you like, although more explicitly as a metaphorical user interface.)

Wandering around in one of these, or something halfway between it and Cyberspace, is also a privilege granted to those attending a contemplationary who have been granted an audience with one of the Transcend’s high-level routines.  Of course, the experience of the Mental World is a little bit different when you consider that you’re inside an entity whose thoughts are entities on the same level of complexity as all of you, or possibly rather more.

Trope-a-Day: Gate of Truth

Gate of Truth: The Transcendent Core may not know all knowledge in the universe, but it does know everything any part of the Transcend knows, and whatever a weakly godlike superintelligence can reasonably deduce from that that it’s had time and occasion to think about, including a small amount of information harvested from the future via acausal logic processing.

And yes, you can ask it to share, hopefully in quantities small enough to fit into mere postsophont minds.  Just visit your local contemplationary.  And be prepared to have a real personal religious experience…