Trope-a-Day: Introduction

This also serves as the introduction to this series of posts.  As I’m porting them over from the old Tumblr at which this used to be hosted, I’ll repeat here what I said there:

Welcome to the first of today’s literary announcements.

So, I’ve set off on a bit of a worldbuilding exercise, as I do periodically, which in this case is writing the TV Tropes page, as it were, that my universe would have had I published it. Which is both a good way, I think, to force myself to consider things which I might not otherwise have considered, worldbuilding-wise, helping to fill in the gaps, and prone to generate a few more ideas and local color here and there as I do it.

I was planning to share the result once I’d finished the project, but it’s a really big project which I’m doing relatively slowly, and having them in pure alphabetical order really isn’t all that important, so instead, I’m just going to start now with what I have, and since I add more than one a day to my list, we should be carrying on just fine at one a day until I get them all (the relevant ones about which I have something to say, that is) done.

So, let’s begin. Further entrants in the series will follow, every day at 6 pm Central Time.

When I moved the worldbuilding posts over here from there, I didn’t move all the trope-a-days, because there’s an awful lot of them to retropost.  So, for a while, I’m going to be running repeats, too, marked out by an (R) in the title, as well as an original trope-a-day every day – feel free, of course, to ignore the repeats if you already followed them on my former blog.

I hope you enjoy them.

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