Trope-a-Day: Cloning Blues

Cloning Blues: Just no.¬† Completely averted, even for forks, which are like standard SF instaclones inasmuch as they run a duplicate copy of the original’s mind-state.¬† And occasionally, sure, a fork that’s separate for long enough to diverge will have some problems inasmuch as duplicating yourself doesn’t double your bank balance, replicate all your property, or guarantee that your spouse will do so as well, but no-one gets their serious angst on about not being “real”, on account of being just as self-aware as the original, and aware of that, too.

Nor are clones evil, soulless, defective, or prone to suffer from Clone Degeneration.

Come on, what sort of fucked-up society spreads memes like this around anyway?

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