The Shipping Trade (3): Outbound

“Lunar Transshipment One, Station Ops, this is CMS Greed and Mass-Energy in slot ailek corse three five on flight plan code niner-three-zero-eleven-one. Request taxi instructions for orbital maneuvering transfer zone, over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, Station Ops. You are cleared to proceed from outer docking to transfer zone via outbound lane lirek tarse in nine-five pulses, cold-gas only. Maintain station-relative velocity below ten fips within outer docking zone. Forbidden thrust vector map available on subchannel gishalel; exercise caution and separation for crossing minor traffic at range from station two-five-zero-zero, OTV Mucker’s Bucket. Contact Kythera Orbital for further clearance holding at range from station one-zero-kay, no need to recontact Ops. Ack and back. Over.”

“Station Ops, Greed and Mass-Energy, acknowledge clearance to transfer zone via lirek tarse in nine-five, cold-gas only, maintain sub ten fips inside zone, forbidden thrust vectors on gishalel, watch out for crossing minor traffic at two-five-zero-zero, hold and contact Orbital at one-zero-kay. Executing in one-zero-zero mark, thanks for your hospitality. Clear.”

“Kythera Orbital, this is CMS Greed and Mass-Energy holding one-zero-kay downrange of Transshipment One, zero relative. We are bound outsystem to Wynérias, our flight plan code niner-three-zero-eleven-one – request you open our flight plan at first convenient block. Standing by. Over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, Kythera Orbital, wait two… Greed and Mass-Energy, flight plan is activated as filed. Squawk ident, no subcode. You are cleared initial for transfer to lunar outbound transfer orbit level four, slot three-gilek, initiate two-gravity prograde burn per route-book in four-one-five pulses, circularize at apoapsis, skies are clear. Call back once established. Ack and back. Over.”

“Kythera Orbital, Greed and Mass-Energy, squawking ident only, acknowledge clearance to outbound transfer level four slot three-gilek, two grav prograde in four-one-five, circularize at apoapse, callback when done. Clear.”

“Kythera Orbital, Greed and Mass-Energy, established at outbound transfer level four slot three-gilek and standing by for further clearance, over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, Kythera Orbital, you are cleared continuance for transfer to planetary outbound transfer orbit slot eleven-seven, initiate two-gravity burn per route-book at next apoapsis, circularize on slot entry, skies are clear. Contact Kythera SysCon on channel one-one-four-point-ten once established, no need to recontact Orbital. Ack and back, and fair voyage. Over.

“Kythera Orbital, Greed and Mass-Energy, acknowledge clearance to planetary outbound transfer slot eleven-seven, two grav by the book at apoapse, circularize at entry, contact SysCon on one-one-four-point-ten. Thanks, and clear orbits! Clear.”

“Ah, Kythera Orbital, Greed and Mass-Energy, bit of a flutter there, give us an eccentricity check, please? Over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, we show five balls on current orbit, a one in the last digit. Orbital, clear.”

“Much thanks, Orbital. Kythera SysCon, this is CMS Greed and Mass-Energy in Kythera outbound slot eleven-seven, bound outsystem to Wynérias, flight plan code niner-three-zero-eleven-one, standing by for instructions.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, Kythera SysCon, we have you in the zone. Clarify preferred vector and acceleration profile, over.”

“SysCon, Greed and Mass-Energy, proceed on direct brachy to Wynérias Stargate, acceleration four point eight for zero/zero gate intercept, over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, SysCon, you are cleared to initiate brachy burn in seven-one-eight pulses, acceleration as specified. Proceed direct, confirm variances and skew-flip on this channel. Ack and back. Over.”

“SysCon, Greed and Mass-Energy, acknowledge clearance for brachy burn in seven-one-eight, proceed direct, confirm skew-flip and any variances on this channel. Clear.”

“Kythera SysCon, Greed and Mass-Energy on direct brachistochrone routing ex Kythera Actual to Wynérias Stargate, flight plan code niner-three-zero-eleven-one, confirming skew-flip as requested, initiation in five-one-eight-four pulses from… mark. No deviations. Over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, SysCon acknowledges skew-flip in five-one-eight-four from mark. Clear.”

“Kythera SysCon, this is CMS Greed and Mass-Energy approaching the Wynérias Stargate, gating out-system to Wynérias at this time. No return flight-plan to file. Over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, SysCon. We show you departing Kythera System at 5158-11-10:4+35-11. You are clear to gate at your discretion; squawk null. Come back and see us sometime. Over.”

“SysCon, squawking all zeroes, will do and thanks. Greed and Mass-Energy, clear.”

“Gate in range. Initiating integration sequence. Computing transit mass/volume parameters. Gating fee transaction has cleared. Gate is hot; receiving transit vector.”

“Time to gating initiation point, seven-two pulses. Main engine shutdown; switching to thrusters. Time to zero/zero, six-four pulses.”

“Preferential-frame buffers integrated and slaved. Frame trap executed. Timelike axis locked to empire timebase.”

“All stations secure for transit. Board reads blue across. Gate commit.”

“Gating confirmed.”

“Drift nominal, under one-kay. Longscan update-squirt received and on the glass. Local space is clear, ‘weave is up, spinning down from transit.”

“Wynérias SysCon, this is CMS Greed and Mass-Energy, gated in-system from Kythera, identifying. Over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, Wynérias SysCon, we have you arriving at 5158-11-10:4+37-20; squawk ident. Specify intentions. Over.”

“SysCon, Greed and Mass-Energy, squawking ident. Request clearance for direct brachy transfer to Wynérias Actual at four point eight gravities, intend docking at Port Sung Orbital. Over.”

“Greed and Mass-Energy, you are cleared to proceed as stated at discretion. Contact again before reaching Wynérias orbital control zone boundary. SysCon, clear.”


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