My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels

El val telalélharn quor olmanár elén alírvelv.

No, I have no idea why I translated that.  Just had a moment, I suppose.

Word-by-word breakdown:

Simple descriptor; essentially an article.

“I”; or in this case “my”, because it follows the simple descriptor.

hovercraft – literally “wind-vehicle” from telalél (“wind”) + harnis (“vehicle”);
wind is itself derived from telir (“sky”) + aléla (“motion”)

degree quantifier; extremely, absolutely, the highest possible degree

predicate, meaning “to contain”; in combination with quor, therefore means “to be full of”

Mass descriptor; again, essentially an article, but talking about a mass of whatever rather than a countable number of it.

Eel.  Well, technically, an Elieran eel-analog in the sense of being slimy, serpentine, and water-dwelling, but close enough; from, obviously enough alír (“water”) + velv (“serpent”)

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