Because You Deserve It

ANNOUNCING, from Decadence, the Carnifex CS1100 Roasting Oven, with new FlameSheet™, All-Axis Rotisserie™, and Omniscient Chef™ technologies, for the best roasted meat dishes yet!

The Carnifex CS1100 is different from other roasters.  No more is your ability to cook the perfect roast limited by the physical limitations of a spit and a conventional oven’s heating devices, nor even by your ability to determine how the meat is cooking.  The technologies built into this state-of-the-art roaster eliminate these constraints for the professional, while the built-in library of recipes and professional skills make achieving consistent, delicious results simple for even the amateur chef.

Our patented All-Axis Rotisserie™ system makes use of vector-control technologies to suspend the roast in the center of the oven, without the use of a roasting pan or spit, and to rotate it freely around any axis to ensure even cooking and distribution of juices.

Meanwhile, FlameSheet™ nanopore burners inject fuel through myriad nanoscale orifices on each face of the oven, surrounding the roast with sheets of real flame which apply heat evenly to all parts of the roast – or rather, since every one of the nanopore burners can be controlled individually, to apply heat in a precisely uneven manner to insure the roast cooks with perfect evenness.  (Drippings can be collected in an internal reservoir for later use without impairing the even heating.)

But how are you to use these systems to best advantage?  It’s simple, with Decadence’s Omniscient Chef™ technology, which uses a kitchen-adapted form of the same nuclear magnetic resonance imaging used in medicine and engineering to provide real-time imaging of the interior of your roast, its state of cookedness, juiciness and temperature, while a specially trained AI translates this image into precise control of rotisserie and burners to make your desires real.

The CS1100 also incorporates licensed CoCooking™ technology, which uses targeted microwave irradiation to speed up roasting without impairing the delicious flavor of fire-roasted meat, and in conjunction with Omniscient Chef™ can be used selectively to enable a single roast to be prepared to a variety of different temperatures to suit every palate.

And the CS1100 naturally comes with all the usual Decadence features, including natural smoke injection and premarinade options, cyberswarm self-cleaning, integral robotic assistance and autocarving, and integration into any WeaveControl™ compliant automated or semi-automated kitchen.  The optional atmosphere isolation/airlocking system can be added at a modest extra cost for multiple-species kitchens.  Available in all traditional décor options, including shimmersilver, beaten gold, bronze or brasswork, tinted vitredur, and inlaid sapphirized enamel.

Not convinced?  Read renowned food critic Vhúfkarr Rúägh’s review of the CS1100 in next month’s issue of A Taste of Taste, or see it at your local virtual mall or domestic matter-shop today!

Decadence, ICC… because enough is never enough.