Trope-a-Day: Mundane Utility

Mundane Utility: Is everywhere in the Empire.  They have pretty much no qualms whatsoever about using ultratech devices for pretty much any purpose.  As if using nanotech “living metal” tools to save the trouble of having to, say, carry screwdrivers of different types around wasn’t enough, a generation or two later, the vector-control effector replaced pretty much every object-manipulation tool ever.  These are also the people whose houses keep large tanks of utility nanopaste around in order to, say, never be caught without the appropriate number of chairs or end tables.  And of course the carpet is a pseudo-living biotech organism that eats any dirt that falls on it.  And what’s cybernetically-implanted vector-control psychokinesis for, if not everything?

Just to grab a few examples right off the top of my head.

And there’s nothing quite like using unbelievably advanced mental-editing technology – capable of editing, duplicating, merging, enhancing, synchronizing, and operating in the cloud minds in any one of a vast number of ways – to resolve minor life problems like marital spats, being invited to two events at the same time, or… well, let’s leave that one for Power Perversion Potential, m’kay?

To such degree as anyone there is self-aware about this, they shrug and point out that if you’re not constantly thinking about uses for your awesome wonders/horrific perversions of Science!, you’re doing it wrong.