Optimizing Designer

From Karuna Couture, ICC, comes the very latest in fabulosity optimizers:

Our Girl in the Flow software agent seamlessly integrates your personal preferences with information gathered from your social circles and geolocative vicinity to optimize color and pattern to suit both your taste and to integrate pleasingly into local style, then transparently uploads the new design and a seamless transition plan to your choice of smart clothing.

Be perfectly attired wherever you go!

  • Comprehends and can apply over eight million individual semiotic tags.
  • Achieves your own ideal configured balance between personal taste and matching the aesthetic in-crowd.
  • Helps you stand out from that crowd to your chosen degree, with our Uniquity™ automatic differentiator.
  • Gathers data from all popular social and reputation networks and personal calendar applications.
  • Integrates smoothly with other clothing management systems, including our own Dress to Express™ adaptive emotag reader.
  • Compatible with all Karuna Couture designs, and many other OSI (Open Style Interface) compatible garments.

Available for download today, only from Karuna Couture!

5 thoughts on “Optimizing Designer

  1. Was a certain white unicorn consulted in the creation of this package?

    (But seriously, it sounds awesome and I like the idea. But, I can also see some very nasty “Mean Girls” hacks happening.)

  2. “Be unique!” “Express yourself!”
    “Let our software design your clothes for you!”

    Ok, yeah, this would actually be a really awesome tool. I would think the people there would using as a helpful tool rather than handing their fashion-based expression off to an app wholesale.

    I also hope they have suitable safeguards (I’m fairly certain you’ve mentioned such things before, I’m sure they’d be there), since it would be… unfortunate… if it optimised the universe into giant fashion statement.

    • I think that you would be able to add options and have some preset requirements.

      -“We’re having a corset in this ensemble, I don’t care how you fit it in.”
      -“I want to be just enough above the average here that I don’t stick out like a thumb, either way.”
      -“Yes, I want to give the Patriarch a heart attack and still stay within fashionable propriety.”

      And, I have to assume that there are some decent safeguards as well. The Eldrae don’t seem to go for pranks for prank’s sake, but I can see a social snubbing tool for people that us this rather than do their own work.

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